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Meclay is a responsible corporate organization, committed to the protection of people, the environment, and company resources, while supplying products and services in a sustainable manner. This commitment adds value to employees, customers, shareholders, and communities.

Our policy is to conduct businesses in a manner that protects people, assets, intellectual property, and the environment. This commitment is facilitated through a management system for Health, Safety, Environment, and Security that promotes:

  • Line management and employee accountability, commitment, and individual contribution
  • Measurable goals and plans for continual improvement aimed at zero incidents; conservation of energy, water and other resources; reduced emissions; and the prevention of pollution
  • Integration of Health, Safety, Environment, and Security matters into all business activities
  • Identification and effective management of Health, Safety, Environment, and Security risk
  • Provision of training, controls, and protective measures based on sound assessment of personal health and safety, equipment and process safety, workforce and asset security, and environmental and social responsibility
  • Collaboration with customers, regulators, contractors, suppliers, and community leaders to improve overall performance
  • Compliance with applicable legislation, regulations, and industry standards
  • A culture where Stop Work is an individual obligation and a company responsibility
  • Asset integrity (traceability and preventative maintenance), equipment design, and lifecycle management
  • Audit and review of systems and communication of performance
  • Understanding of crisis alert levels, response plans, and the crisis management process
  • Protection of all Meclay intellectual property
  • Allocation of appropriate resources to implement this policy


Continuous improvement in Health, Safety, Environment & Security (HSE&S) and Product Stewardship performance is integral to sustainability, provides business value, opportunities and competitive advantages.

Managing Health, Safety, Environmental and Security (HSE&S) issues is a cornerstone of a successful company. We have global HSE&S standards in place to ensure our sites protect people, assets, the environment, the business and society at large.

Our HSE&S management system drives improvement on underlying issues that are important for future success. At each group company level, we have HSE&S Key Performance Indicators included in the strategy dashboard, with improvement targets and reporting requirements. There are also additional HSE&S metrics to monitor performance. The individual businesses and sites are responsible for developing, executing and monitoring improvement objectives and programs to achieve the required performance.

  • Integration activitiesUnder Integration Activities, we focus on:• Implementing the new standards for process safety and occupational health.
    • Embedding new KPIs and reporting.
    • Piloting the new HSE&S audit process
    • Strengthening safety leadership and crisis management processes
    • Incident investigation and shared learning.
  • Crisis ManagementThe crisis management processes have been strengthened and detailed guidance on notification and handling of potential crises have been implemented at our operating sites. Several simulation exercises, which tested the full response and communications chains from site to business unit to corporate level, have been chaired by a Board member.
  • Leadership TrainingWe have developed a Safety Leadership Program targeted at senior business leaders. The first sessions, held in the Saudi Arabia, involved all members of the Board of Management and the Corporate Directors. The program is being rolled out across business management teams.The implementation of the HSE&S Policy across all operations, sites and businesses, through the Meclay Health, Safety, Environment and Security Management System, which is fully integrated into the Group’s scheme of organization, is our key of success. Main elements of the management system are the Policy, Directives, and Standards.
  • PolicyEssential framework of HSE&S that sets out the course of action to be adopted in relation to HSE&S management.
  • DirectivesCorporate Directives specify general minimum requirements, that must be strictly applied and help implementing the Policy.
  • StandardsStandards specify additional professional detail on requirements to be followed to fully comply with the related Directives of Meclay

Implementation is by means of:

  • Equipment – Designed and Maintained. “Fit for Purpose”
  • Procedures/Systems – Locally Developed and Documented. “Robust”
  • People – Trained and Involved, Contributing to HSE&S Improvement. “Competent & Motivated”


Any system cannot work without having underlined processes and an organizational structure to implement it, and seeking improvements in its implementation.

HSE&S Training:

We provide HSE&S training to all Meclay team members that help us to:

  • Ensure that people who work for us know how to work safely and without risks.
  • Develop a positive health, safety, environment and security culture, where safe and healthy working becomes second nature to everyone.
  • Meet our legal duty to protect the health and safety of our employees.

HSE&S Assurance Audit:

The new HSE&S audit process combines a continuous improvement tool for sites with a periodic audit managed by our auditing department. Last year, we carried out 60 corporate HSE&S audits and six re-assurance audits. The first group of audits was used to test, calibrate and fine-tune the new process. Sites and auditors have been positive about the depth of analysis available and the focus on priority improvement actions and follow-up. Based on the outcome of these audits, we have successfully calibrated and further improved our new auditing method. Improvements and adjustments have been made and internal auditor training is planned for the start of next year. The new process will be fully implemented across all our sites.

Major warehouses and all manufacturing sites undergo periodic audit by multidisciplinary teams of HSE&S specialists. Larger sites also have external insurance audits. The HSE&S audit intervals are risk-based and are determined by the inherent hazards present on site and the outcome of the periodic audit. All sites are audited at least once every five years.


Our goal is to increase stakeholder value by delivering sustainable solutions to our customers, which is crucial for the success of our company. To achieve this, we require sustainable business operations in order to meet our needs today whilst protecting resources and rights for future generations.

This we achieve by the continuous improvement of our first class HSE&S performance through corporate leadership, the dedication of our staff and the application of the highest professional standards in our work. The principles, by which we operate, are:

  • All work related injuries and illnesses are preventable. Therefore we protect people on our sites; people involved in our businesses and other stakeholders interests’ from accidental or deliberate harm, damage or loss.
  • All emissions of hazardous materials can be prevented and will progressively be reduced, as products and technologies develop.
  • Continuous improvement in HSE&S and Product Stewardship will provide business values, opportunities and competitive advantage.
  • Stakeholders have a right to information about our operations and HSE&S performance and that transparency will promote and increase trust.

At Meclay we believe that conduct of all our Group Companies shall be centered on a sincere belief that all work related injuries, illnesses, and accidents are preventable. For us to be successful, each member of the Meclay team must embrace our Zero Incidents goal.