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Meclay’s Team is its biggest asset.esports betting site We look for enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players, who are passionate and enjoy the challenges of working for a rapidly growing global organization. We value our Team Members as one of our most important resource and support our Team Members at every step so that they reach their full potential.

“Our Team Members have played a crucial role in the success of Meclay’s growth and evolution as a mainstream player in Plastics, Real Estate and Personal Care Products’ fields. Providing a challenging work environment, we are focused on ensuring the professional and personal growth of our Team Players. Above all, we provide them the tremendous sense of fulfillment as they become part of our team and consequently contribute to overall social and economic growth.”

It is a matter of great pride for us to be regarded as a preferred employer. We want our Team Members and those thinking of joining us – to see us as a place where they can grow.

If you have the passion, we promise to give you a chance to prove your potential. Our structured recruitment programs are the perfect springboard from which to begin an exciting journey – a journey that promises to enhance knowledge, unleash your potential and groom you to become a future leader.

Cultivating Growth begins with planting a seed. At Meclay, that seed is leadership. For some, the leadership journey is just beginning and for others, it has been years in the making. For us, continuing to develop and enhance our leadership capabilities is a vital and constant pursuit. Our focus is on developing leadership, because we strongly believe that this is the key enabler of a high performance culture, a strong leadership brand and ultimately our business success.

We seek people with passion, commitment and dedication to take on challenging jobs and accomplish them with determination. With a multicultural workforce of over 8 nationalities, Meclay provides a truly world-class work environment. We provide our employees unrivaled professional perspectives through our businesses.

We have always chosen to work with the type of people who share our philosophy and commitment, but also want to grow within the company. Today, we are a thriving team of professionals ranging from sales and marketing, to technologists such as Solutions Architects and Systems Engineers. We are very selective when adding to our team, to ensure that we don’t lose track of the purpose we started with.

Meclay’s goal is to create a workforce of career-driven and committed individuals, who work together to achieve impressive milestones. We seek passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players, who will enjoy the excitement and challenges of working for a rapidly growing global organization. As a customer focused company, we look for people with a passion for delivering excellent customer service to our valued customers.



Meclay provides internships to students from Engineering and Business Universities, inviting young engineers and future entrepreneurs to learn and experience the corporate world. This is a mandatory element for most institutions and helps students see practical implementation of knowledge in a working environment. After a grueling 4 to 8 weeks of these internships, students go back to their Universities and are able to relate their education with substantial first-hand experience thus creating valuable human resource for Meclay and providing an opportunity to the company to spot talent amongst these minds. Meclay is the company of choice for most students in the countries where Meclay operates and it takes a lot of time and effort from the HR department to place maximum number of students in departments across the organization for an internship that provides an intern with a project which is then evaluated at the end to give them a performance report which is counted towards their academic record in their institutions. On an average, Meclay entertains 250 interns in a year. Over the past twenty years of this scheme the company has assisted more than 5000 students.

If you are a 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate studying Engineering or Business related degree, then our internships are for you. We offer 4 to 8 weeks’ Summer Internships where you can gain exposure to a number of different business areas and functions, whilst gaining practical ‘real world’ experience in a global, world-class organization. If you perform well whilst on your placement, we may consider fast tracking you to the assessment centre for a graduate position. To find out when and where we have internships and placements available, please subscribe below for email alerts:

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Our two year OTJ (On-the-Job) Training Program is all about learning functional aspects of Engineering and Business control as well as general business management skills. If you have the proficiency and the perseverance, we invite you to be a part of our Team.

Our OTJ Training Program is not only valuable to learn the functionalities of what the students have learned through books for years but gives them a leverage to learn while earning. If you are a fresh graduate, securing an Engineering or Business related degree, then our OTJ Training Program is for you. To find out when and where we have vacancies for an OTJ Training Program, please subscribe below for email alerts:

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Learning and Development Road Map (LDRM)

Learning is key to continuously improving the way we grow the business and develop our leadership capability. Without learning we cannot Cultivate Growth. Our talent’s learning and development needs are identified scientifically through careful Business Planning and Performance Management processes, and these learning needs are fulfilled by a variety of learning interventions, as and when appropriate, including Coaching, Mentoring, Job Rotation, Project Work, Training Courses, Seminars, etc.

We have a structured Leadership Development Road map in place to develop the required capabilities at all levels in the organization. This road map is primarily based on our Success Factors and creates a sustainable leadership pipeline which allows a steady supply of skilled leaders throughout the organization while ensuring alignment with our Values and business strategy.

In additional to leadership training programs, we also have core development program to grow you in your respective function or field. As part of these road maps, you will go through customized learning immersion programs to ensure success in your current role and to better prepare for your future roles.

RISE high with us

We believe that the fastest way to getting somewhere is asking those who have already made the journey. Our mentoring program RISE helps our young leaders to connect with our more experienced leaders and allows for a smooth flow of ideas, knowledge and experience to channelize learning, which might otherwise be lost.

An exciting journey of development

Our diverse businesses and presence in multiple industries offer a perfect opportunity for anyone joining the company to indulge in an exciting journey. You will be working in one industry and one business a year and in another industry the next year. Not only this, you will be working with leaders having different skill-sets and competencies to develop you along the way.

Discover your potential with Meclay

Are you curious, passionate and adventurous? Are you a pioneer? If so, let your remarkable talents make an impact with Meclay.

You’ll be empowered to carve out your own career path and discover your true potential. You’ll get the opportunity to learn and grow with a diverse group of people. We encourage collaboration and believe that by surrounding you with a great team your creativity will flourish and inspire great ideas.

The value of a global brand

We’re also one of the world’s best-known brands. With over a thousand Team Members in three countries, we operate on a scale few can rival.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with leading professionals from around the world, sharing expertise and points of view that will hugely enrich your experience.

Big challenges – even bigger opportunities

The scale of our challenge is enormously exciting. Global demand for Consumer Products, Plastics and Accommodations is rapidly rising and at Meclay we are committed to developing smart solutions to grab the niche and become a worldwide leader in every business that we are taking up.

That’s why we’re in search of remarkable people to join us. People who are curious to try new ways of working, adventurous enough to push the boundaries and who have the determination to drive ideas forward. Please subscribe below for email alerts of new openings and hirings:

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We only receive job applications through our portal, therefore, please refrain from sending hard copies or emails and telephone calls as they shall be disregarded.

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